Harvest Moon Meadow is a fansite for the popular gaming series Harvest Moon /牧場物語.  It’s goal is to cover information from the various games as well provide fans a place to look at official game artwork, read fanficitions, enthuse about the games, and take part in the text-based forum RP of Conamu Village.

A History:

Harvest Moon Meadow originally was created by Seriyuu, who ran the website and forum single handedly, in 2000 (possibly 2001) to 2004 when he decided to take it down to focus on his schooling.  The original website covered games from HM SNES to the Back to Nature (while preparing to gather information for the newly released AWL and FoMT – however, it went down before the information was completed).

In 2007, the forum came back online with all the original accounts and posts, as well as the original founder and some old members like Tobz, LTK and Waltz (possibly more).   From there the forum’s had an up and down activity level and multiple RP resets.   In 2009 administration passed from Waltz to Waylon and Waylon to Kirika, Tsuki-sama, Irbe, and Whitepay.

In 2010 to current, the admin team went to just Kirika, Tsuki-sama, and Whitepay – with Robb as the web developer for the main website.

Searching For:

-         Active Members, who want to enthuse about their own Harvest Moon experiences –whether it be who their favorite characters are to their favorite in game events, share game facts, and art/graphics with the community.  

-         Role-players, who are literate and can type at least 1-2 paragraphs. (No exact word count – we’re just here for fun after all you can be an rp pro or a beginner!)

-         Content Writers, who love to write and play Harvest Moon.  We’re looking for content writers for most of the games and would love any assistance you’re willing to give – all content submitted by you will be credited to you – PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS YOUR OWN WORK.  No stealing information and images from other sites please.   (Also this is all volunteer, no pay or anything.)

-         RP Staff, basically someone who loves to organize festivals and plan fun events for everyone in the Harvest Moon Meadow RPG community.  They may also approve RP member profiles.  (Only need like one or two people to plan festivals and such)

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